Incredible Photo Tours offers five different kinds of travel experiences: our Photography Tours; Expeditions; General Tours; Workshops; and Custom Tours.

Our Photography Tours are a comprehensive photographic learning and tour experience, led by award-winning travel photographer Julius Pang. With structured learning, personal attention and constant feedback on your work, our Tours will help you to improve your photography skills and come away with beautiful images you never could have thought possible.

Expeditions are our photography research trips which we undertake to evaluate new destinations for future tours and to explore new photographic opportunities at existing tour locations. They are perfect for adventurous photographers who are willing to push their limits and explore new places at the same time as us. Our Expeditions are more physically demanding than our Photography and General Tours as we do more walking, hiking and exploring in comparison.

Our General Tours are best described as classic sightseeing experiences. General Tours are designed so that you don’t have to worry about logistics once you arrive on tour and can enjoy the attractions at your leisure. General Tours are less strenuous than Photography Tours as the focus is not on photography, so we don’t “chase the light”. The emphasis is on a rich sightseeing and cultural experience with plenty of time provided for participants to explore as part of the group as well as several free time periods.

Workshops provide an intensive 2-3 day learning experience in photography based in a particular location. Our workshops will help you improve your current photography skills and technique under the guidance of a seasoned professional photographer.

How about if you like our travel experiences but wish they were just a little bit different? Then look at our Custom Tours which provide you with an opportunity to create a travel itinerary based around your preferences and interests, and with the same learning experience you would get from our standard Tours. Perfect for photography clubs or special interest groups who would love to explore and photograph a new location together. We are able to create a Custom Tour catering from 1-12 people.

Upcoming Tours

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update – All tours postponed indefinitely.

Photography Tours

We run tours specially designed for photographers.

Experience great photo opportunities at incredible destinations!

Small Groups

Our small group sizes provide plenty of individual attention and feedback.

We have a limit of 8 people for our group tours!

Learn, Shoot, Improve

Our tours, workshops and courses all feature on-location tuition and personalised feedback from a multi award-winning photographer.